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How Fast do Birth Control Pills Work to Prevent Pregnancy?

How fast do birth control pills work? If you’re new to the pill, it’s an obvious and important question to ask— after all, the whole point is to avoid a pregnancy! The answer to this isn’t completely straight-forward as it can vary depending on a few different factors. So, keep reading below for answers to this question!

All About Hormones!

We love them, we hate them, we blame them for all sorts of things. But what do they really do?

At the most basic level, a hormone is a chemical made in one part of a living thing that travels around and affects other parts of that thing. Hormones are as old as the hills and probably evolved when life on Earth was nothing but cells bobbing in the primordial seas. The special organs in human bodies that make hormones—including ovaries and testicles—came much later.